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Field Station Natural History Workshops

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Registration is now open for Field Station Natural History Workshops through UW-Milwaukee. For more information about registration and contact information click here. And for all things Wild Ones visit our website    

How to build a bat house

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Halloween is right around the corner and it wouldn’t be Halloween without bats. The National Wildlife Federation has a fantastic, step by step blog piece on how to build a bat house. Bats are important creatures to the ecosystem and insect eating. One pesky insect that bats eat are mosquitoes and the bat can eat… Read more »

Leave your leaves

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The fall season is upon us and many of us will spend a lot of weekends raking and dumping leaves onto the street for pickup. Instead of going through all that effort, why not try leaving them where they fall?  There are many insects that winter over in the fallen leaves.  As they break down over… Read more »

WILD Ones Wild Center Wild Store

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The WILD Center has a large assortment of items for purchase in the WILD Store. Wild Ones items at the WILD Store include: Long sleeved denim shirt with lawnmower logo: $50 Sweatshirts with Wild Ones logo: $32 Long sleeved T-shirts: $19 Short sleeved T-shirts: $17 Wild Ones yard sign: $20 Butterfly Garden Recognition yard sign:… Read more »

Milkweed Seed – Gathering & Shipping

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Part of our partnership with Bring Back the Monarchs is sharing milkweed seed with Monarch Watch. We should appreciate you sending any seed you care to share directly to Monarchs Watch. Reference Milkweed Basics at Please dry the seed first if at all possible. Reference Gathering Seed at Thank you for your help and… Read more »

WILD Center flowers and plants medicinal use

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Here at the Wild Ones Institute of Learning Development (WILD Center) there are an enormous amount of plants and flowers all over the prairie and gardens, but did you every stop to think about the possible medicinal use these plants have? One of the most popular plants you will see at the WILD Center is the Black-Eyed… Read more »

Aster’s are in full bloom at the WILD Center

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With October here, the New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) is beginning to bloom all over the WILD Center grounds. The New England Aster is very recognizable by their bright lavender to purplish flower heads. They usually grows 3 to 7 feet and flower from August to late October. Another common name people may know the… Read more »