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Leave your leaves

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The fall season is upon us and many of us will spend a lot of weekends raking and dumping leaves onto the street for pickup. Instead of going through all that effort, why not try leaving them where they fall?  There are many insects that winter over in the fallen leaves.  As they break down over… Read more »

Wild Ones Wild Center

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Welcome to our Wild Ones Wild Center! This is the new title for our Facebook and Twitter pages. Unlike the previous social media pages, the new pages will pertain to the Wild Center here in Neenah. To visit our new pages click the links below Facebook Twiiter

Monarch Release at WILD Center

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Several Wild Ones members brought their monarch chrysalises along to our recent Annual Conference at the WILD Center, so we had the good fortune to see several monarch butterflies released.  View the video of a monarch release and let us know your thoughts about the potential loss of the monarch butterfly in the Midwest by commenting to… Read more »

Queen Anne’s Lace – Invasive Species

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Following a recent call for volunteers to assist in removing Queen Anne’s Lace from the WILD Center’s prairie, I got an e-mail suggesting that I shouldn’t refer to this plant as a “weed” since it was merely a “plant out of place.”  I thought I would share my response with you. “I’m sorry to disappoint… Read more »

Milkweed Toxins — are they a problem?

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We are asked occasionally about the toxins in the milkweed that we have growing in our native plant gardens and our prairie at the WILD Center.  The concern is that the milkweed is poisonous.  Since our gardens are registered as Monarch Waystations, we asked  Monarch Watch Director Chip Taylor how to answer that question.  Here’s what… Read more »

Wild Ones Annual Conference — Flight of the Monarch

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The public is invited to attend this year’s annual Wild Ones conference held under the circus tent in the WILD Center prairie August 14-16, 2015 in Neenah, Wisconsin. Friday evening’s reception, August 14, features author Bill Berry who will tell conference attendees about the amazing people featured in his book Banning DDT:  How Citizen Activists… Read more »

Donna’s Happy Birthday

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 Wild Ones staff recently surprised Executive Director Donna VanBuecken with a 70th birthday party.  Wild Ones friends dropped by during the afternoon for cake and coffee and some story telling.  When she drove into the driveway, the banner above is what she saw.  Donna said she “had to laugh!” and that “she’s going to miss networking with… Read more »