Current Landscaping Plans

Current Landscaping Plans for the WILD Center


The current landscape plan has been developed by Terry Marvel of Terraforma Inc for the WILD Center with input from the WILD Center Advisory Committee and is a working document. The landscaping will be developed over a period of years as we have money, volunteers, donations and management available to make it happen. The plan may also see some minor changes made over the years as a result of climate change and/or as new information becomes available to WILD Center and Wild Ones management.

Existing landscaping species planned for early removal include (near the headquarters building) a damaged spruce tree, a Canadian Cherry tree and a young non-native mulberry. Other non-native plants will be replaced as they become damaged or too overgrown to be cared for properly. When considering removal methods of any plants, cost of doing so and environmental safety will be primary concerns. Additionally non-native invasive species such as buckthorn, honeysuckle, garlic mustard, dame’s rocket and wild parsnip are being removed by volunteers on a regular basis. Written guidelines for the development of the overall landscaping plan, along with a plant list for the WILD Center, accompany the landscape designs below.


Plant list of current species identified so far at the WILD Center site. (PDF)

Adopt A TurtleSince time immemorial, turtles have come out of the marsh onto this land that is now the WILD Center. The site no longer has the kind of soil turtles need for successful nesting, and there’s also a problem with the turtles crossing the hazardous roadway. Your generous donation will help us create a great nesting area for the painted turtles and snapping turtles that want to lay their eggs on our site. We suggest a $100 donation, but of course any amount will be a great help.

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adoptanoak1111Help the development of the WILD Center’s oak savanna by sending a generous donation today. We suggest a $200 donation toward the adoption of a 2 to 2-1/2 inch diameter bur oak tree. Wild Ones business member Lake Shore Cleaners has offered to provide the trees and do the planting work at cost. Your name will appear on a donor plaque noting your special donation.

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