Visitors to The WILD Center

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visitorsdeerHere a Deer, There a Deer

The local deer have been enjoying the WILD Center’s raingarden. Note the opening in the stone wall – they see this as a gateway to the riparian woodland.


Birds Stopping By


Getting ready for migration, these sandhill cranes enjoy the WILD Center’s Stroebe Marsh habitat.


Creating a Raingarden at the WILD Center


We’ve been pretty busy here at the new Wild Ones headquarters thanks to our volunteers. Since the conference we’ve built a raingarden in the back yard of the WILD Center with the help not only of many Wild Ones volunteers, but also the students of the Fox River Academy environmental charter school.


A Frog Hopped in One Day


Donated plants from Wild Ones Business Member, Prairie Nursery, Westfield, Wisconsin, provided a welcome reprieve from the hot summer sun for this Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens, formerly Rana pipiens).


Turtle Hurrying Off to Somewhere


Volunteer Dave Edwards of the Fox Valley Area (WI) Chapter came to the rescue of this Northern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) as we worked to prepare the site for development of the WILD Center’s first raingarden.


Wisconsin Audubon Council


The first official “non-Wild Ones meeting.” The Wisconsin Audubon Council met at The WILD Center, hosted by the Winnebago Audubon Society. The visitors noted the presence of several orioles flying around the woodland area.


Wild Things That Crawl


This little guy has made it into The WILD Center sunroom where we suspect he’s hanging out in one of the rolled rugs being stored there.



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