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WILD Center Happenings

Volunteer Opportunities: Family Citizen Science Opportunity

This summer (2012), the WILD Center will be part of an effort in the Fox Valley to develop a baseline population for local bat species. Volunteers are needed to help with monitoring sessions using acoustical electronic equipment. No bats will be handled for this effort. Monitoring sessions (led by a trained project intern) will occur weekly starting at sunset and lasting approximately 1.5 hours (day to be determined).   Volunteers will receive training during their first monitoring session. Volunteer every week or occasionally as your time allows.

The first monitoring is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2012. For more information, “like” the Fox Valley Bat Detectives page that is set up on Facebook ( Reminders and notices about the weather will be posted here.

Note:  Monday evening’s meeting will be “the first monitoring session” so people planning to participate regardless of how often should be attending this session if at all possible.

WILD Center volunteers will walk through the Stoebe Island area after dark each night. Here is a map of the route. You are encouraged to wear brightly colored clothing (or at least avoid wearing dark colored clothing) to increase your visibility to drivers at night while we walk along the road.

Volunteer Opportunities: First Thursdays

Announcing Wild Ones First Thursdays at the WILD Center. In an effort to put our best foot forward to the world, Wild Ones National invites you to help us keep our headquarters looking spiffy– something we can show off to non-native landscaper,s and something of which native landscapers can be proud. With that in mind, we invite you to stop by on the First Thursday of the month and bring along your tools, weed-pulling gloves, and sturdy shoes – and plan to roll up your sleeves to keep the Center looking inviting for humans as well as wildlife. Get all the details.

3pavers2607Entryway Hardscape: H2O Pavers Installed

Our goals were twofold: meet ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) accessibility requirements (easy), and use environmentally friendly materials (more difficult). Working with longtime Wild Ones business member and supporter, Lake Shore Cleaners, we chose H2O permeable pavers. See photos from the installation along with details for doing it yourself.

Upcoming Activities

The Wild Ones WILD Center is on its way to becoming a busy place, with remodeling, landscaping, and meetings of all kinds. Check back here for more info.

featured-visitorsWe’ve Had Visitors

An Audubon Society meeting, and some wildlife. Learn more.

The Fox River PCB Cleanup

GW Partners, LLC, will be using our 4 acres of upland for the next two years, as part of the PCB cleanup of the Fox River water system. Learn more.