Why The WILD Name?

raingardenkThe WILD Center

We are pleased to announce that our National Headquarters (HQ), located on 16 lovely acres near Appleton, Wisconsin, has an official name: The Wild Ones Institute for Learning and Development or WILD Center.

We feel this is a fitting name as we hope that over the years many, many people will visit The WILD Center to learn the importance and “how to’s” of sustainable landscaping, while we use our HQ to continue to develop and expand our national education efforts.

Besides helping Wild Ones to fulfill its environmental education mission, other functions related to our learn and develop focus include aspects related specifically to the preservation of the WILD Center site.  The Guckenberg-Sturm Marsh is the last functioning marsh along the Fox River waterway, which is part of the Great Lakes watershed.  The 16 acres of upland, riparian woodland and marsh along the Fox River which Wild Ones owns not only showcases demonstration areas of natural landscaping and formal gardens for all ecotypes, but also preserves this very vital marsh and riparian woodland. The entire site is protected by conservation easement, so it will remain protected into perpetuity.

We like to think of the WILD Center as a living laboratory to be used by Wild Ones members, friends and visitors alike to learn about the benefits of using native plants and natural landscaping and to use that information to develop their own sustainable landscaping, all the while preserving a vital marsh and riparian woodland to the Great Lakes watershed.

Here are our goals for the WILD Center:

  • Establish a permanent Wild Ones headquarters to provide a tangible presence on a national level
  • Showcase demonstration gardens using native plants and natural landscaping
  • Promote environmental awareness in the community
  • Provide environmental science opportunities and a research site
  • Preserve and restore a portion of  the West Shore of Little Lake Butte des Morts
  • Protect the Fox River and the Great Lakes Watershed
  • Serve as a model for sustainable landscaping and restored habitat

WILD Center History ~ Click Here

Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes
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